Neeraj Tewari Is Passionate about Cooking

Neeraj Tewari is an experienced IT veteran and he is also passionate about cooking. Along with his profession, he has managed to bring quality through efficient time management in his person life too. Even though he has a busy schedule, he manages to find time for cooking dishes whenever he invites his friends and family over. Not everyone can manage time for work as well as hobbies, but Neeraj Tewari does it efficiently. His friends are fans of the dishes he cooks and they fondly remember all the times they have enjoyed dinner made by Neeraj.

Neeraj Tewari’s successful professional life speaks volumes about his rewarding and enjoyable personal life as well. The secret to his balanced work approach is his contended lifestyle. He manages to give some time to learn and experiment while cooking as an ideal pass time which helps him to learn new recipes and improve upon his present cooking skills. Every talent needs time to get polished and so does the culinary art. According to Neeraj, if someone treats cooking as a chore, then the person will never really be good at it. He says, one has to learn to enjoy cooking and it will always be a great experience to cook food for friends and family.

Favorite comfort goods vary from person to person. The top comfort foods chosen by him include Thai and Italian cuisines. He often cooks Thai food and plans gatherings along with family and friends. To cater for this massive interest in Thai Cuisine, he also managed time for cooking classes where he learnt to cook new authentic Thai dishes with old time favorites as well. Neeraj Tewari says, having dinner with your family is the key to staying connected. The last meal of the day is the time when family members get together to interact, discuss the day’s proceedings and spend quality time with each other. It is important to make the best use of this time with your family. And, thus he prefers to make it a cooking retreat for foodie friends and family with his refined cooking skills.


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