Neeraj Tewari – A Dedicated Professional in IT Industry

Neeraj Tewari has more than 24 years of experience in the IT industry and he has worked with several telecom and IT companies in this time. He is a dedicated professional and a talented leader in the field. He has successfully worked with teams of professionals and guided them towards building strong processes as well as maintaining the business practices of the company in perfect order. He has worked for Hughes Network Systems in Germantown, MD and India. Neeraj Tewari played a key role in starting Hughes Software Systems in New Delhi, India. Neeraj has also worked with Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific and achieved notable successes in his career in building large global teams and in putting in new systems for small, medium and large telecommunication service providers in US, Europe and EMEA. Neeraj Tewari also played an instrumental role in the rollout of the largest and most successful mobile satellite venture while he was at Hughes. The satellite venture exceeded the budget of over USD 1 billion. Another project that he took part in was the development and rollout of the largest satellite broadband system by Hughes in North America.

Neeraj Tewari is also owner of two patents in telecommunications with Hughes. He was awarded the Hughes Chairman’s Honor award in 1997 by Mr. Robert Smith, Chairman of Hughes Electronics. He was given this award for his involvement in pioneering business success in satellite communications. The award was given to 10 Hughes employees annually amongst the pool of Hughes employees worldwide annually. A born leader, Neeraj Tewari believes in transparent business practices and he has devised business plans where all members of the team have equal accountability. A true visionary, he started changes in the companies he worked, to promote work-life balance among employees and promote growth of women in the employee workforce. Neeraj Tewari’s professionalism is a true inspiration for his colleagues as well as his juniors.


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